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Mar 202016

I’ve been asked over and over, “just what does under your roof mean?” From basement floors to your ceilings on your top floor, literally, it means if your project is inside your house, Just Let George Do it. From my perspective, there’s not much more to it.  However, given the amount of times I am asked, I guess I should attempt a better definition. I have come up with a multi-faceted way of letting my clients know what I do.

  1. You can be assured that I do perform about 90% of every handyman task for items under your roof, meaning inside your house. But that   doesn’t exclude outside repairs. Like pressure washing/updating decks, walkways and sides of your home. The 10% I don’t do is roofing, attic insulation, concrete walkways, window washing, and some other major projects.
  2. My clients have instant access 24 x 7 to a complete list of the types of projects I’m qualified to perform. It’s called the Just Let George Do It LIST. You can get a new, updated copy by scrolling down and clicking the link over there on the right side of this page. I’ve included all kinds of routine handyman work like electrical repairs, light plumbing, trim carpentry, computer help, Deck building/refinishing, etc.
  3. I’ve programmed a JavaScript into this website that let’s my visitors type in a single word like ‘electrical’ and when the OK is clicked a dialog box tells them if I do electrical work or not. Very simple!

I’ve also excluded projects that technically I could do, but choose not to do.  For example, I no longer carry an extension ladder on my Van.  You many have noticed that I even removed the ladder racks so I can not carry an extension ladder. I’ve decided that for me personally, the risk of injury vs. the reward is not worth it to climb tall ladders.  So, I don’t do roofing, gutters, chimneys, etc.  But I have roofers we can call that do these things full time.

Plumbing clogs (and chimney sweeping) are also excluded as well as working on heating and air conditioning systems. However, I do install thermostats on almost any wired, thermostatically controlled system.  Exception: Carrier has a proprietary thermostat that makes it almost impossible for anyone who is not a Carrier dealer to install a thermostat from Lowes, Home Depot or Amazon. So if you want a nice new WiFi thermostat, just let George Do it. Or if your system is a Carrier, you’ll have to pay Carrier to supply and install it.

Outside painting of house and windows for single story homes only and I will paint/stain/refinish decks, gazebos, pergolas, trellises and outside doors.  and inside of your home, I do all walls, ceilings, trim, cabinets, etc. Inside your home, I paint walls, ceilings, trim, cabinets and I also have indoor scaffolding so those hard to reach two story foyers are no problem. Scaffolding also allows me to replace those high up chandeliers.

You may have furniture that needs repair or touch-ups.  I have a friend who does these things and does it absolutely perfectly.  Much better than I could offer, so I’m not offering to repair or touch-up furniture.

Coincidentally, my two hobbies are also services I offer to my clients. Woodworking and computers. Windows computers are my specialty from Windows XP to the newest Windows 10 (yes they skipped “9”).  Routers, wireless systems and setups are a piece of cake for me. Upgrading your hard drive is a snap with my help. Installing a new display monitor? I’d be happy to help you with the hookup as well as the set up for optimum displaying your screen.  I don’t sell any computer parts or software – just my time. Most computer services are by the hour.

Projects that match my skills are numerous and I love doing them. Projects that last no more than a few days are perfect for me. Examples: installing a few outside or inside light fixtures, mounting your new flat screen and hiding all those unsightly cables in the wall or replacing the storm door or that bedroom door your teen kicked a hole in!  I do say, ‘no job is too small’ but I don’t say. ‘no job it s too big’.  In fact, many projects are too big for me. Building rooms, additions, basement remodels, garage additions, general large remodeling are not for me.

Remember, give a call, text or write and I will come out and take a look at your project. As you know, I always want to see the project first, then provide a free, flat-fee price that is guaranteed not to change, unless you change the scope or tasks or the actual materials prices are more or less than quoted.  As you may also know, I pay sales tax on all the materials I buy on your behalf, because I do not SELL any materials myself.  I only pick them up for you as a courtesy and charge you the same amount I paid. That also means that you can provide any materials you want. I’m only selling a flat fee to install, mount or adhere whatever it is that you buy.

My fees always include all of my anticipated expenses, to arrive on time, install your project professionally and complete it on time and within your budget. You never pay any advance labor fees.  For larger projects I may ask for the cost of the materials in advance but no labor is ever paid until a project is completed. All payments are due on the same day that a project is complete.  Projects are discount-priced for payments by checks only. I deposit checks or pictures of checks or copies using a mobile deposit app and they are credited same day. Projects are priced without discounts for credit card, PayPal and cash payments.

Sorry for the intrusion. I simply want to make sure I help you as quickly as I can. If you would like to know if I do certain work, get an