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Aug 262013

garbage_disposalOur garbage disposals are very necessary and very expensive to get fixed or replaced.  This post tells the story of a LetGwDoIt client who called us for help and instead of rolling the truck we helped fix it over the phone. Here are he call notes:

1. Customer called and said he needs his garbage disposal replaced.

2. We asked what it does when they turn it on.

3. We were told that it just “grunts”?

4. We suggested that he turn off the breaker that powers the unit.

5. Then buy or get a long-handle 1/4 inch Allen-wrench

6. Insert it into the center nut of the garbage disposal through the sink drain opening

7. Turn the wrench in both directions, in turn

8. We asked if he could move the wrench in either direction. He said yes, we said remove the wrench

9. Turn on the breaker and try the garbage disposal again – it worked.

It was apparent to us at the beginning of the call that when the garbage disposal was only producing a “grunt”, it was actually saying, hey, I’m stuck!”. Using the Allen-wrench in the way we describe here freed the unit and it worked from that point forward.

We never did any paid work for that customer until about a year later he called and we did several days worth of work for him on his house as he was getting in shape to sell it. Now, about six months later, we are doing work on his new home.

Thanks to Marc for being a great client!



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