Aug 262013

garbage_disposalOur garbage disposals are very necessary and very expensive to get fixed or replaced.  This post tells the story of a LetGwDoIt client who called us for help and instead of rolling the truck we helped fix it over the phone. Here are he call notes: Continue reading »

Aug 262013

We all know that moisture/water in our basements can cause  myriad issues.  For example. mold only needs moisture and a food source to thrive.  Just about anything is a food source for mold; drywall, wood paneling, etc. Our dehumidifiers remove the main source of water by removing it from the air.

dehumidifierThe typical setup is to attach a short hose to your dehumidifier to drain the water it produces into the sump pump hole. The hose  is supposed to drain through it and not fill up the bucket.  This way you don;t have to monitor it too often to empty the bucket when it gets filled up.  Many units have a control that allow you to set the humidity level.  This humidity setting helps control when the unit runs and when it shuts itself off. During the winter, the humidity in on the east coast is low; most automatic units will not run for months at a time.

Some owners think that once they attach a hose they never again have to worry about checking the unit for a full bucket. THEY ARE WRONG! Most dehumidifiers on the east coast are in the basement, somewhere out of view. Many people don’t know that their unit stopped working until the smell or see mold growing.   Here’s what happens. Continue reading »

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